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Accelerate By Being You

”The moment you doubt whether you can fly, 

you cease forever to be able to do it”.    - J.M.Barrie


Are you ready to make a profound transformation in your life? Transformational Leadership Trail (TLT) is a 4-month program for those who are willing to stretch themselves to take the next step in their professional life, and who are willing to open-up and discover their blind spots to reach their true potential. 


The Trail will enable you to establish new perspectives and will open a new path to your inner source of leadership and creativity, through the support of trained and experienced MMS facilitator/coaches.


The ABBY program is designed to prepare (future) leaders in your organisation for leadership challenges to come. The Abby program is designed to create awareness of personal strengths and learn how to leverage strengths through experiential workshops and real-life experiments. The program is centred around individual and group reflection in order to create a mindset shift and anchor  new behaviours. We bring concepts like neuroscience and simple tools to help participants get out from their auto pilots to master new ways of working to breakthrough their leadership potential. After that we put this mindset shift in action make the shift. The Abby program is lead by senior facilitators with extensive business backgrounds in order to help participants learn from real life experiences parallel to the ABBY curriculum. 

"First we make our habits, then our habits make us"


We all come from different backgrounds and experiences with different values and passions. To become a great leader, you must rely on your own inner compass to guide you when nothing else can. Trusting your inner compass will inevitably guide you toward being the best that you can be. In this program you will explore the strengths of your leadership to find the mindset shift that will help you to become more impactful and effective in practical everyday situations and to realise your true leadership potential.


The participants in this program ideally have a minimum of 5 years working experience, are eager to master their personal leadership potential and are willing and open to self reflection, feedback and coaching by the facilitators and fellow participants.

"Abby helps you in identifying your hidden strengths and weaknesses. I was surprised to see students of our class, whom I have never seen opening up and revealing their personal aspects, were happily sharing their experience.

I never had an opportunity to receive candid feedback, until this Abby program came into the picture. I had lots of takeaways. 
The content of this program uses learning by doing or experiencing, since you cannot expect to 'learn to swim from a book and then be able to thrive when thrown in the ocean', I would highly recommend this program to be included every year in TIAS MBA curriculum."

Vaibhav Kuletha


This program is designed for anyone ready to make the next step in his/her life on a professional or personal level who is willing to open up, discover and share. There is no specific fitness level or hiking experience required. We only need you to respect our Trail Essentials.


We have a team of exceptional MMS coaches, facilitators, topic experts to support your Trail. Each team member has extensive experience in their area beside their business experience and knowhow.
You can find some information about our core team here. Based on the program you chose there may be other experts besides MMS coaches accompanying your Trail.


Participants will:

  • Significantly improve their leadership skills

  • Have higher self-awareness and better understanding of their own strengths

  • Have defined their goals clearly based on their strengths

  • Have more self confidence in their abilities and reaching their goals

  • Be connected with their classmates on a deeper level, support each other and will act more like a team

  • Have fewer judgments and assumptions

  • Be more proactive

  • Make the mindset shift they need to accelerate

  • Have a higher chance to reach their goals


Verda Sisman is the overall Program Manager and lead trainer together with Warden Hoffman. She will be aided by a team of senior facilitators with extensive business experience. Depending on the workshops we will have 1 to 3 additional facilitators for the workshops planned for ABBY. 


"Personally I had an amazing experience. It has been far the most beneficial aspect of the entire year because it allowed us to get a very nice reflection of improvements areas “                                             

Sabelo Ndebele


The four month process consists of periods in which participants will be working on the program in their time and place, from a distance supported by their personal mentor and our team of coaches and of several half-day and full-day workshops and group sessions. After the final workshop there will be six more weeks of distance support for those who need it to make sure that all learnings are firmly anchored into the participants' everyday personal and professional lives.

ABBY process picture.png


The trail itself is organised in the Austrian Alps, in the Dachstein area. A transportation car will be waiting at the airport for you to bring you to our location. We will be staying at the Alpen Experience Hotel, Tunzendorf 53, 8962 Michaelerberg / Pruggern Austria.

Intakes and personal coaching sessions are scheduled personally. Pre- and after trail sessions will take place in  the Netherlands.


If you are interested in this program or have any questions, please fill out the form via the button below and we will contact you as soon as possible.




OakTreeMe is running Transformational Laedership Trails for TIAS Business School.



Please contact us to co-create a tailored ABBY solution for your organisation.

OakTreeMe is running ABBY for TIAS Business School.

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