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"Find your why and then find your way!"


Are you ready to take the step to live your life with purpose?


  • Are looking for a change in your career or in your life, but you do not know what?

  • Are you are wondering what you truly want?

  • Is your life good, but do you still feel like you are missing something?


Then our Purpose Discovery Trail program will help you find the answers you are seeking. It is designed for deeper exploration of yourself without judgment and it helps you identify, acknowledge, and honor your purpose. Your purpose is not something you need to invent; it is already there. You have to uncover it in order to create the life you want. For that we will support you to tap into your own guidance system, open a new path to your inner source. When your vision is clear, we will support you to find your next steps to pursue your purpose with passion and enthusiasm.


"There is no
greater agony than
bearing an untold
story inside you."


This program is designed for anyone ready to make the next step in his/her life on a professional or personal level who is willing to open up, discover and share. There is no specific fitness level or experience required. We only need you to respect our Trail Essentials.

I fully recommend this transformational experience. The impressive nature of the
Austrian Alps and physical and mental challenges guided by a very qualified coaching team let you reach new levels of yourself.

Wim Hoeijenbos



We have a team of exceptional coaches, facilitators, topic experts to support your Trail. Each team member has extensive experience in their area beside their business experience and know-how.
You can find some information about our core team here. Based on the program you choose there may be other experts besides coaches accompanying your Trail.

"Truly was and is an amazing experience that will contribute so much to my personal development.
The whole concept was very valuable. Everything came together and made sense. 

So much appreciated."

Arjan Klijn

Sales Director


In 2021 we will offer a full purpose discovery trail program in the Netherlands as well as programs that partially take place in the Netherlands and partially in the Austrian Alps. 

For all trails intakes and personal coaching sessions are scheduled personally around participants’ possibilities and choices. Before and after trail workshops will take place in the Netherlands. Online participation options can be created if participants can not be in the Netherlands.

The trail itself is organised either in the Austrian Alps, in the Dachstein area or in Zeeland in the Netherlands. 


The NL trail is organised in Oostvoorne in Zeeland, close to the beach. This area is one of the few places in the Netherlands where nature feels raw and wild. We will spend time in the woods, the dunes at the beach and in the North Sea. Connecting to nature - both the natural world around us as our own nature. We will be staying at the four start hotel 't Wapen van Marion. The hotel has some scale, but we will have our own meeting rooms to share meals and do groupwork.


The mountrain trail itself is organised in the Austrian Alps, in the Dachstein area. This area offers a variety of breath-taking landscapes and countless stunning routes. We will be staying at the Alpen Experience Hotel, our partners in Austria. They deliver high-quality service, with warm hospitality and an "everything is possible" attitude. The place allows us to rest and restore comfort after an emotionally and physically intensive day in the mountains.



If you are interested in this program, please fill out the form via the button below and we will contact you as soon as possible.



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