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"Our job is to awaken possibility in other people"



OakTreeMe is a passionate and results-oriented personal & leadership development company that supports individuals and organizations in their well-being, growth and transformation.

“It is your attitude, not your aptitude, that determines your altitude.”


Intellectual understanding is relatively easy to attain. The real challenge is how to internalize and integrate the learning into our way of being individually and as an organization. Oak Tree Me makes a real difference in sustainable transformation.​


  • We have a unique process and approach to integrate what you discover and learn into your life

  • We adapt our programs to participants’ (changing) needs

  • We connect theoretical knowledge to experiences through intellectual and experiential learning

  • We combine mindset development with practical skill development

  • We work with multi-skilled, experienced facilitators with extensive business know-how

  • We enable sustainable transformation

what maks us different


We believe learnings only come alive when strongly connected to your current personal/organizational challenges and when intellectual learning is supported by experiential learnings.

We differentiate ourselves with our holistic approach, our extensive international experience and with our focus on visible results. 

A mindful approach is integrated in the core structure of our services to create awareness and to define the need for transformation. We focus on simplicity, authenticity and learning by doing/experiencing.


We work  with a unique process to help you identify your blind spots, blockages, and unleash your potential. 

Our key values are openness, honesty, courage and making a difference/getting results. 


Our experienced team is composed of professionals from different backgrounds and adapts to fit your needs in the most optimized way. 

We work with senior consultants, business coaches, trainers, facilitators and actors to provide you the best experience. 

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