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"Knowing others is intelligence.

     Knowing yourself is true wisdom" 

                                     -Lao Tzu










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"I fully recommend this transformational experience.

Verda and her team are dedicated to

let you reach new levels of yourself"

Wim Hoeijenbos / CFO

"Verda is one of the greatest coaches I have ever seen. She totally trusts her coachee and she can see through the potential inside people."

Dantong Shen

"Abby is a life-changing 

program. Real eye-opener.

Aritro Ghosh /

Strategy-Project Mng.

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" I fully recommend this transformational experience. The impressive nature of Alps and physical and mental challenges guided by a very qualified coaching team let you reach new levels of yourself"

Wim Hoeijenbos


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"This [trail red.] has led to discoveries and insights, and opened up possibilities beyond my imagination. Perhaps best of all, it invoked in me the wish to continue exploring. It was a true adventure. I felt connected to the earth. I felt connected to the people around me. It felt good to help others find things they were looking for. And be helped - how much energy I received from others in my own journey. It was an extraordinary experience

Burcu San

/ Director of Operations NATO





It was with some trepidation that I decided to go on the Transformational Leadership Trail, a pioneering training concept designed by the Founder and Manager Director of OakTreeMe, Verda Sisman, and offered as part of the TIAS alumni programme.

The central idea of the TLT is that through intellectual and experiential learning, a profound process of transformation takes place. New environments nurture this process of renewal with nature acting as the amplifier.

Cynthia Mouanda
Senior Communication Manager



"The feedback I received was so great and it made me realise that in this workshop actually participating instead of observing adds to the experience. Great to see how a pitch can catch an audience when it has a personal touch in it. I felt very good after this intense day. All the nice feedback, the learning experience, the active participation, the coaching we received was what made it a truly great experience for me. That's why I recommend this pitching workshop!"

Wim Hoeijenbos / CFO

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Workshops & programs

"The most striking feature of this ABBY program was the Experience Lab, were we were put in real life situations and needed to act with the trained artists in roles such as interviewer and professional managers. By the end of this session, I was able to identify the ways to calibrate my personality and body language in different personal and professional situations.  

Another important module in this program was “Team Dynamics”, where we learned the importance of contribution of each member, ways we can enhance team building skills and the resolutions of conflicts that arise among teams within the same organisations and different organisations.

I can now apply the practicalities that I have learned in this group dynamics to all my future professional roles. Verda Sisman and her team have done a lot of hard work in designing the content of  this program that portrays learning by doing or experiencing, since you cannot always expect to “learn to swim from a book and able to thrive when thrown in the ocean”.

I would highly recommend this program."

Vaibhav Kuletha / Global Business Manager

"I actually appreciate the sessions very much and find them very helpful for my personal development and to strengthen my contribution to the company. The key reasons from my point of view are: Your ability to identify issues and lead with questions to the areas of improvement, Your persistence in exploring the underlying root causes, Your self-consciousness regarding the process and the continued joint reflection on how to ensure value from it and The open atmosphere in the conversations."

Dietrich Bertram / Global Business Manager


"For all you do, for who you are,

I will be forever grateful.

 I am not sure whether your effort is appreciated,

and it may seem small,

But, in my eyes, your efforts were never small,

When I reflect on my experiences

and my interactions with you, 

Whenever I count my blessings,

I find myself counting the blessing

that ensured that I was matched with you 

Hopefully, someday I will be able to give back

as much as you given me, 

Just saying thank you will never repay your kindness.

I cannot thank you enough for your help! 

May God Bless you.


Yours sincerely"


Sabelo Ndebele

to Verda Sisman

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