"Only when you truly know yourself,

then you can lead yourself and others"


Are you ready to make a profound transformation in your life? Transformational Leadership Trail (TLT) is a 4-month program for those who are willing to stretch themselves to take the next step in their professional life, and who are willing to open-up and discover their blind spots to reach their true potential. 

The Trail will enable you to establish new perspectives and will open a new path to your inner source of leadership and creativity, through the support of trained and experienced facilitator/coaches.

"New thinking is nurtured in new environments"



Intakes: April / May 2021

Pre-Trail Coaching Session: May 2021

Leadership development workshop: May 26th 2021

The Trail: June 17 - 20th 2021

Integration Workshop & Dinner: July 14th 2021


Intakes: June / September 2021

Pre-Trail Coaching Session: September 2021

Leadership development workshop: September 10th 2021

The Trail: October 7 - 10th 2021

Integration Workshop & Dinner: November 17th 2021


Intakes: February / March 2022

Pre-Trail Coaching Session: March 2022

Leadership development workshop: April 8th 2022

The Trail: April 21 - 24th 2022

Integration Workshop & Dinner: May 25th 2022


Intakes: April / May 2022

Pre-Trail Coaching Session: May 2022

Leadership development workshop: June 1st 2022

The Trail: June 16 - 19th 2022

Integration Workshop & Dinner: July 8th 2022


This program is designed for anyone ready to make the next step in his/her life on a professional or personal level who is willing to open up, discover and share. There is no specific fitness level or hiking experience required. We only need you to respect our Trail Essentials.

"I can honestly say that the experience was exceptional, unique and tailored to my needs as I discovered them.
I can truly say that has being a life-changing experience for me.
I would certainly recommend this program because of the transformation that actually takes place. Because of the way the coaches/facilitators are tuned in to understand and react immediately to the needs of us the participants"

Cynthia Mouanda
Senior Communication Manager


We have a team of exceptional coaches, facilitators and topic experts to support your Trail. Each team member has extensive experience in their area beside their business experience and know-how.
You can find some information about our core team here. Based on the program you choose there may be other experts besides coaches accompanying your Trail.

"I would encourage everyone to try and have a similar experience.

The organization, the scene, the setting, the process.

All was well organized but not too strict, allowing sufficient time to reflect.

Very nice and rewarding." 

Jacco Mulders
Director of Business Development


Intakes and personal coaching sessions are scheduled personally around participants’ possibilities and choices. Before and after trail workshops will take place in the Netherlands. Online participation options can be created if participants can not be in the Netherlands.

The mountain trail itself is organized in the Austrian Alps, in the Dachstein area. This area offers a variety of breath-taking landscapes and countless stunning routes. We will be staying at the Alpen Experience Hotel, our partners in Austria. They deliver high-quality service, with warm hospitality and an "everything is possible" attitude. The place allows us to rest and restore comfort after an emotionally and physically intensive day in the mountains.



If you are interested in this program or have any questions, please fill out the form via the button below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

OakTreeMe is running Transformational Leadership Trails for TIAS Business School.

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