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"When a team outgrows individual performance and learns team confidence, excellence becomes reality" 


High performing teams are teams where the total is greater than the sum of all parts. These teams require alignment between individual and team aspirations, growth mindset and beliefs. OakTreeMe will support your team in its journey towards better performance - both in terms of production and wellbeing. 

In our trail process we will switch between an individual and team approach - individual coaching, reflection and exercises are exchanged with team (sub)group work to ensure alignment and commitment because connection is key. We use different models to reflect on the teams constitution & aspirations and to develop communication and teamwork skills. The aim is to work together towards actionable results that are anchored in day-to-day business.

The main ingredients of this trail are:

  • Open & safe atmosphere in an out-of-office environment

  • Individual alignment & commitment to team performance

  • Iterating top-down leadership story by bottom co-creating

  • Combining intellectual understanding with experiential learning

  • Actionable & anchored results


In addition to the trail itself, the pre-work and anchoring session afterwards are important to create real & sustainable transformation for your team.


The process starts with individual intakes and coaching sessions for all team members. The team leader will receive additional support in this phase to prepare their vision for the team. 


The first team session(s) will take place before the actual trail. This day is meant to set the stage, align on performance indicators and create an open and safe environment at the office. In this phase we will focus on theoretical models and work in sub-groups to prepare for the trail.


We take the team to a non-office environment to stimulate new ways of thinking and, more importantly, experiencing. During the trail individual and group work are interchanged to create alignment and actionable results. 


In this period our team is available for support.


During this session we look back on the trail and the time since. How had implementation been going? what obstacles are there? And how can we overcome them? This session is aimed at anchoring the results and ensuring their sustainability within the day-to-day business of the team.

I fully recommend this transformational experience. The impressive nature of the
Austrian Alps and physical and mental challenges guided by a very qualified coaching team let you reach new levels of yourself.

Wim Hoeijenbos



We have a team of exceptional coaches, facilitators and topic experts to support your Trail. Each team member has extensive experience in their area beside their business experience and know-how.
You can find some information about our core team here. Based on the program you choose there may be other experts besides coaches accompanying your Trail.

This benefited me in several ways:
1. More peace of mind
2. More impact for the company
3. More time to contemplate and strategise 
4. Less stress, more energy 
5. Better connection with the people around me due to more attention for them
6. A clear growth path for the next year
7. More respect within the company 
These benefits are valuable and visible. I am grateful to have had the experience.

Erik Hulst

Business Development Manager


Intakes and personal coaching sessions are scheduled personally around participants’ possibilities and choices. Before and after trail workshops will take place in the Netherlands. Online participation options can be created if participants can not be in the Netherlands.

The mountain trail itself is organized in the Austrian Alps, in the Dachstein area. This area offers a variety of breath-taking landscapes and countless stunning routes. We will be staying at the Alpen Experience Hotel, our partners in Austria. They deliver high-quality service, with warm hospitality and an "everything is possible" attitude. The place allows us to rest and restore comfort after an emotionally and physically intensive day in the mountains.


If you are interested in this program for your team, please contact us to explore possibilities.



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