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"Remember why you do what you do

to move forward as a team"


According to research, prioritizing on organizational purpose leads to growth. EY shows that 58% percent of companies that prioritize organizational purpose experienced growth of 10 percent or more. Defining team purpose has a valid business case, but how do we do that?

Team purpose can't be created top-down, it's a team effort. During this team purpose trail our experienced team of facilitators will guide your team on a purpose defining mission. The goals of this trail are:

  • Defining common purpose

  • Connecting individual purpose to team purpose

  • Finding out what might be blocking the team from acting in accordance with it's purpose

  • Defining concrete next steps for the team on it's way to shared success

To reach these goals your team will be led through different stages to approach the purpose defining adventure not just intellectually, but experientially.

Screenshot 2020-01-29 at 12.36.44.png

I fully recommend this transformational experience. The impressive nature of the
Austrian Alps and physical and mental challenges guided by a very qualified coaching team let you reach new levels of yourself.

Wim Hoeijenbos



We have a team of exceptional coaches, facilitators and topic experts to support your Trail. Each team member has extensive experience in their area beside their business experience and know-how.
You can find some information about our core team here. Based on the program you choose there may be other experts besides coaches accompanying your Trail.

This benefited me in several ways:
1. More peace of mind
2. More impact for the company
3. More time to contemplate and strategise 
4. Less stress, more energy 
5. Better connection with the people around me due to more attention for them
6. A clear growth path for the next year
7. More respect within the company 
These benefits are valuable and visible. I am grateful to have had the experience.

Erik Hulst

Business Development Manager


Intakes and personal coaching sessions are scheduled personally around participants’ possibilities and choices. Before and after trail workshops will take place in the Netherlands. Online participation options can be created if participants can not be in the Netherlands.

The mountain trail itself is organized in the Austrian Alps, in the Dachstein area. This area offers a variety of breath-taking landscapes and countless stunning routes. We will be staying at the Alpen Experience Hotel, our partners in Austria. They deliver high-quality service, with warm hospitality and an "everything is possible" attitude. The place allows us to rest and restore comfort after an emotionally and physically intensive day in the mountains.


If you are interested in this program for your team, please contact us to explore possibilities.



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